Seed Procurement

Procurement is one of the key operational activities of Punjab Seed Corporation to ensure quality input for maintaining a sound system for   effective distribution of quality seed. PSC has developed biggest Seed Multiplication System of basic & certified seed in collaboration with Public / Private Partnership of about 1500 Contract Growers which is a role model of Co-operative / Corporate Farming as well as source of latest technology dissemination at grass route level through exclusive farms advisory services.

These growers after registration with the PSC are provided with basic seed of major and minor crops for multiplication and production of certified seed. The quality and purity of the seed is tested ad monitored at various stages by the continuous involvement of Federal Seed Certification Department. For production of quality seed, the registered grower is provided an incentive in the form of premium based on the internal quality control Lab.results.

Procurement Procedure consist of Varietal demand survey of different crops, Fixation of multiplication & procurement targets of different crops in the Agricultural Experts meeting, Issuance of multiplication plans, Issuance of basic/reserved seed to registered growers, Verification of acreage multiplied under different crops by registered growers and submission of lists to FSC& RD&RD, Field crop inspection by FSC&RD, Issuance of procurement plans, Procurement of various crops seed after sampling by FSC&RD, Strict compliance of regulation & quality standards. The variety wise procurement target is on the basis of demand and supply position of the relevant crop and approved by the Agriculture Experts committee. 

Annual Seed Procurement

( 40 KG)

Year Wheat Paddy Cotton Maize Gram
2021-22 114125 64412 13254 21210 2151
2020-21 1257894 74857 41276 65880 9645
2019-20 1264845 73292 46035 20638 13339