23.         Procurement of Packing Material    02.05.2018  Close

Tender for Labour/TPT contractor for the year 2018-19

  12.06.2018  Open
21.         Procurement of Pesticides for Different Centres of Punjab Seed Corporation.
 14.05.2018 Open  
20.         Tender for Procurement of Packing Material & Pesticides for the Different PSC Centres
  26.03.2018   Close
19.         Tender for the Procurement of Packing Material for Different PSC Centres   25.05.2018   Open
18         Expression of Interest (EOI) Hiring of Consultant to Prepare Strategic Review                                                   14.11.2017   Close
17         Tender for Provision Machinery Equiment for the different centers of Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC)   20.11.2017   Close
16         Tender for Procurement of Packing material and pesticides for diferrent Centers of Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC)    20.11.2017 Close
15         Tender for Purchase of Pesticides,Weedicides & Fungicides in SWL   30.10.2017 Close
14         Expression of interest (EOI) for Pre-qualification of Marketing Consulting Firms   28.08.2017   Close
13         INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES   07.09.2017  Close
12         Tender for Civil Work at Different Centers of Punjab Seed Corporation    20.11.2017  Open
Expression of Interest (EOI) for short listing of Enineering Consultancy Firms               
  27.11.2017  Close
10         Exprerssion of Interest (EOI) for short Listing of Engineering / Architectural Consulting Firms   27.11.2017   Close
9         Tender for Purchase of Fertilizer for Rabi Crops to be sown at PSC Seed Farm Piplan   26.10.2017  Closed
8         Tender for purchase of cloth ( Wash & Wear) for summer liveries   27-06-2014 Closed
7         Tender for TPT & Labour Contract for the year 2014-15   25-06-2014 Closed
6         Tender for C.P.Fund Accounting software for employees   23-06-2014 Closed
4         Tender for purchase of Indented Cylinder Covers & salaktor sieves   16-06-2014 Closed
3         Quotation for re-boring for Turbine at Khanewal   12-06-2014 Closed
Tender for purchase of Polypropylene bags, Tarpauline & pesticide
  09-06-2014 Closed
1         Tender for purchase of Zinc Sulphate (700 kg)   05-05-2014 Closed


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