Seed Quality Testing

Punjab Seed Corporation aim is to provide quality Seed to the farmer of the country to maximize the per acre yield. The increase in per acre yield is depends upon the quality of seed. The PSC has own internal labs for testing the seed. This seed labs conduct test on the time of procurement of seed for checking the purity, inert matters, germination, mixing of other crops etc. Punjab Seed Corporation have close liaison with Federal Seed Certification Department for the testing of quality seed for this purpose minimum two crop inspection made at the farmers field.

First Inspection at an thesis stage in which the heading completion, Off-types, other crop plants, Weeds infestation, Disease incidence, the rectifiable factors are indicated and advised the seed grower to purify the crop. The crop is provisionally accepted for final inspection. In the second inspection after rectification of the factors which are advised during first inspection the final inspection is performed.

Seed quality testing services of the Punjab See Corporation is the backbone of the seed industry and the quality seed is available due to strict control over the seed testing procedures and labs. Seed testing is carried out to evaluate the quality of the planting seed to be used by the farmers. The tests for quality seeds namely as:

Purity Test

Purity test refers to the composition of a seed lot in the terms of percentage of the following:

  • Pure seed – kind and variety under consideration.
  • Other distinguishable varieties
  • Other crop seeds
  • Weed seeds
  • Inert matter

Germination Test

Through this test, the ability of the seed to germinate and produce normal plants is measured. Test results are expressed as the %age of germination of normal seedlings.

Moisture Test

This test is carried out in order to determine the safe limit of the moisture %age in the seed before bagging and storage.

Health Test

Health test is carried out in order to assess the diseases particularly the seed borne diseases carried with the seed. The procurement agencies are advised accordingly to treat the seed with suitable fungicides.