Seed Processing

Quality seed production involves series of processes called seed chain. One of the major step at final stage that converts raw seed into finished product and improve the quality, is called seed processing. Historically seed cleaning used to be done on the farm or at home by using three well known traditional hand tools namely, “CHANANA”, “OKHALI” and “CHHAJ”. As the population is increasing day by day and labor is not machines these traditional hand tools and are now termed as sieve, scourer and gravity separator respectively.

The processing of seed at PSC is done with the aim to provide best quality seed for major and minor crops for the farmers of the country. Punjab Seed Corporation consistently focused on quality seed which is possible only when the separation of other crops seed, removal of weed seeds, Separation of immature and shriveled seed, removal of broken, cracked, split, diseased and insect damaged seed, removal of organic impurities such as dust, dirt, sand, stones, metal pieces and mud balls etc. have been done. Further processing mechanism at PSC assures the separation of large and small sized seed for the purpose of uniformity and good appearance.  The Seed treatment with chemicals is also included in the processing of quality seed.  The Punjab Seed Corporation is continuously improving seed germination and market value.

The Punjab Seed Corporation processing activity grading, cleaning, polishing, and packing of the quality seed is carried out at four imported processing units from Germany Denmark and USA , permanently erected at Sahiwal, Khanewal, Rahim Yar Khan and Piplan. Three mobile cereal processing units are working at different districts of the Punjab.

The quality of the seed sold by the Punjab Seed Corporation was undoubtedly superior than the one sold by private sector and also maintains sound germination potential.