Seeds Types

Punjab Seed Corporation is providing basic and certified seed of wheat, paddy, cotton (Fuzzy and Delinted), pulses, vegetables and fodder crops in different varieties are listed below

Wheat Seed

FD-2008, Sehar 2006, Punjab 2011, AAS-2011, Lasani-2008, AARI-2011, Millat-2011, Shafaq 2006, Chakwal 50, Others.

Paddy Fine Seed

Bas-super, Bas-515, Bas-2000, Bas -386, PS-2.

Paddy Coarse Seed

Irri-6, Irri-9, KS-133, KS-282, KS-434.

Cotton Seed

MNH-886, FH-142, FH-114, Neelum -141, Tarzen-1, SG-1, 4B-601, IUB-222, A-555, Sitara -011.


Gram Seed, Moong Seed, Massor Seed.


Carrot, Peas, Okra, Radish, Trunip, Bitter Gourd and Bittle Gourd.


Raya, Jawar, Guar.