Seed Farms

As a production resource base, agricultural farms located at Khanewal, Sahiwal and Piplan were transferred to Punjab Seed Corporation by the Government of the Punjab. Major areas of the agricultural farm allotted to Punjab Seed Corporation are located in Khanewal covering 6269 acres of the total farm areas of 7305 acres. The farms located in Khanewal were established by a British agriculturist Sir William Roberts for production of quality cotton and obtained the area on lease under the name of British Cotton Growing Association in 1959. The areas was taken back from British Cotton Growing Association under the Land Reform Act and was provided to West Pakistan Agricultural Development Corporation in 1976.The farms were handed over to Punjab Seed Corporation for development and production of quality seed.

Besides Khanewal, Punjab Seed Corporation utilizes farming at Sahiwal and Piplan for production and multiplication purposes. The basic seed of Cotton, Paddy and Wheat are grown at PSC farms and subsequently available for multiplication with registered growers. The number of vegetable, pulses and fodder crops seed are produced on Punjab Seed Corporation’s farms and available after processing to general public for sowing purpose. These farms are back bone of Punjab Seed Corporation being source land for experiment and production.

The varieties sown at Punjab Seed Corporation farms are closely monitored and examined under testing conditions to ensure development of variety that ensures adaptability and productivity. Provision of basic seed to growers and private seed companies is due to the availability of own PSC farms.