Quality Control Lab

Growers expect high-quality, genetically pure seed. As a result, seed companies maintain quality control programs that monitor seed from harvest to purchase. An array of ‘traditional’ seed quality tests, including mechanical tests and tests of genetic purity, seed germination and vigor, and seed health tests, is used, and seed quality assessment techniques continue to evolve. Advances in molecular genetics are allowing the release of new varieties differing essentially in one gene. Advances in seed enhancements, such as pelleting, priming and pre germination, require increased scrutiny of seed quality before and after the enhancement process.

Punjab Seed Corporation has established quality control labs adjacent to processing plants. The quality control labs are located at Sahiwal, Khanewal,Rahim Yar khan and Piplan. The seed corporation is first Seed Company which qualify for ISO certificate.

In Quality Control labs tests seed on the time of procurement for checking the purity, inert matters, germination, mixing of other crops etc. Punjab Seed Corporation have close liaison with Federal Seed Certification Department for the testing of quality seed for this purpose.