Punjab Seed Corporation  ( PSC) is a semi autonomous body of the Government of Punjab,established under Punjab Seed Corporation Act 1976, for systematic Production, Procurement, Processing & Marketing of major and minor crops seed on scientific lines.  PSC is the first Seed Company of Pakistan qualified International Quality System ISO 9001:2000.The prime objective of Punjab Seed Corporation is to supply high quality seed on affordable rates thus to enhance overall per acre yield.

  • Producing quality seed of all major and number of minor crops since 1976.
  • Creating awareness in farmers to increase the use of certified seed.
  • Facilitating the development and growth of Private Seed Industry in the country by providing basic seed for the production of certified seed.
  • Established Seed Foundation Cell, which is meeting  pre-basic and basic seed requirements with its own resources.
  • Developed seed production cycle perfectly on advanced scientific lines for purifying all the varieties of Govt. / Private Sector’s Research Institutes.

Punjab Seed Corporation is Pioneer in seed business of Pakistan having 37 years of experience with sound financial position and largest infrastructure.Chartered functions include procurement, processing, production and marketing of high quality seeds with the objective to enhance agricultural production and make the province agriculturally self-sufficient and sustainable.

The Punjab Seed Corporation Monogram and its Brand Logo of a Stallion bust with the caption “ Shahzor ” are well known to the farming community all over the country.Presence of the Punjab Seed Corporation Logos on any sack are the guarantee of quality seed .Punjab Seed Corporation has got Letters of Appreciation from various forums and agencies including the World Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Prices of the Punjab Seed Corporation seeds are always lesser than the private seed companies but provides with better quality.