Chartered functions include procurement, processing, production and marketing of high quality seeds with the objective to enhance agricultural production and make the province agriculturally self sufficient and sustainable.

  • Production and proper multiplication of basic seed.
  • Multiplication, procurement, processing, bagging and storage of certified seed.
  • Adequate marketing of certified seed through both the public and private sector.
  • Export of certified seed when possible after meeting the national requirements.
  • Taking over and managing the seed farms as directed by the Government.
  • Making suitable arrangements for the multiplication of seed on private farms under its supervision.
  • Making suitable arrangements for the certification of seed  in such manners as prescribed by the FSC&RD.
  • Taking all measures to promote the establishment of the seed industry in the Province.
  • Imparting technical advice and other services to its registered growers.
  • Contribution towards the cost of any studies/services experiment or technical research connected with the functions of the Corporation undertaken by any other person, agency or body.
  • Advisory services to the farmers at their doorstep regarding optimal usage of inputs and obtaining the highest yield.
  • Provision of Basic seed to registered growers and private seed companies.
  • Dissemination of information about the advantages of use of quality seed
  • Coordination with other players of the field for the promotion and growth of agriculture in the province