Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the basic requirement of dealership of PSC? Top
The dealer should be trustworthy of farming community,financial sound and established sale point.
From where i can get dealership form and what is the detail procedure for dealership? Top
Dealership form is available on our website or contact for furhter detail to nearest PSC Center.
What about current cotton varieties with PSC? Top
Current approved varieties are MNH-886,FH-142, FH-114, FH-lalazar, Niab-878, Niab-Kiran, BS-15, IUB-13
Why called cotton varieties as BT? Top
Due to the presence of Bacillus Theoragenis, It is also called Genetically modified ( MG)seed.
How many kind varieties there of Paddy Seed? Top
There are Two type varieties in Paddy Seed:
  1. Fine varieties ( Super Basmati, Basmati-515 & PS-2
  2. Course varieties ( KSK-133, KS-282, Irri-6 & Irri-9.
What is best starting time of nursery sowing? Top
The best starting time of nursery is 15Tth May.
What is the criteria for registeration of PSC growers? Top
The grower should purchase Basic (Certified) seed of any crop from PSC for sowing/ multiplication. He should own at least 25 acres of self cultivated land for multiplication of various crops seed. He should be well educated/ progressive and seed minded having sufficient mechanized farming capabilities.
What is the procurement procedure of PSC? Top
Procurement procedure of any crop has to be done by the procurement officer which includes verification acreage, inspection of crop with an officer of Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department (FSCD&RD), sampling, transportation of the produce from grower's farm to PSC Plant/ Store.
What is the shifting/ lifting procedure of the produce? Top
The farm produce of any crop is shifting by PSC TPT & Labour Contractor at PSC Processing Plants/ Stores under the supervision of procurement officer, PSC.  
What is gross weight of filled jute bag at the time of procurement of wheat seed? Top
The gross weight of wheat seed with jute bag is 101.250 kg.  
What is the procedure for fixation of rate of produce? Top
Wheat is purchased at Govt. Support price and in case of other crops the average highest rate of three consecutive days of the market rate of the area is paid to the grower. The premium is also paid to the grower as incentive.
What is the payment procedure? Top
The procurement officer PSC prepare purchase paper with the consultation of grower and submit it to Accounts Branch . The payment is made to the grower through cross cheque within 10 days.  
How PSC help growers to enhance per acre yield? Top
Procurement officer, PSC records variety-wise area sown of crop then visited the grower field at all stages of the crop. He adivsed ploughing, howing, thining, irrigation, weeds control, plant protection & roughing during his visit at grower farm resulting enhancement of per acre yield.
How PSC seed is better than private seed companies' seed? Top
PSC is the only organization having its own Seed Farms at Sahiwal, Khanewal & Piplan for the production of Pre-Basic, Basic and Certified Seeds of all crops. So PSC provide best quality seed to farmers.
Whose are the best varieties of Wheat, Cotton & Paddy crops? Top
Wheat: Faisalabad-2008 & Sehar-2006
Cotton: FH-142 & MNH-886
Paddy: Basmati Super
What is the seed rate of Certified Wheat, Cotton & Paddy seed? Top
Wheat : 50 kg per Acre
Cotton : 10 kg per Acre
Paddy : 6-8 kg per Acre