Foundation Seed Cell

Punjab Seed Corporation recognizing the importance of variety maintenance established the Foundation Seed Cell at Pirowal for research and development of high productivity seed. The research procedure to develop a variety is as follows:

Year - 1

To develop genetically pure seed, single plants are sown individually in single rows of equal length. The plant characteristics are carefully examined and monitored during the growth and development period at various stages. Plant rows are then examined for assessment of uniformity in morphologically and phonological characteristics and yield performance i.e. the plant height, leaf, color, hairiness, shape yield characteristics and earliness in maturity etc. are monitored at this stage. The plant row found to contain any off type plant at any growth stage is rejected as a whole.

Year - 2

Progressive plots are formed from the plant to row input seed.

Year - 3

BNS (Breeder Nucleus Stock) in this process of seed purification, the progenies of variety showing uniformity are bulked. This bulk is called Breeder Nucleus stock and has 100% purity. The resulting progeny of breeder nucleus seed is the pre basic seed.

Year - 4 

Pre basic seed ensures genetic purity which provides the source of the initial and recurring increase of basic seed. Its quality is checked by the Federal Seed Certification Department in the seed lots after harvest. For identification the bags of pre basic seed are identified with white tag having a diagonal violet line.

Year - 5

Basic seed is the first progeny of pre basic seed handed in such a way so as to maintain its specific identity and purity. This class of seed is a source for certified seed production directly or through registered growers. The Federal Seed Certification Department checks the field crop to determine its suitability for further seed multiplication. Bags of basic seed are identified with white tags.

Year - 6

Certified Seed is the progeny of basic seed and is produced by the registered growers selected by the Punjab Seed Corporation. The Corporation upon clearance from the Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department, procure the seed and caries out the cleaning and packing at their plants. Bags of certified seed are identified with blue tags.