Farm Advisory Services to PSC Seed Growers

Punjab Seed Corporation is engaged in the production of high quality seed of different crops and engages the growers of the province for multiplication of basic seed.  The PSC staff provides the advisory services to its registered growers during the season of different crops. Under the farm advisory services role the staff visited the farms of registered growers’ number of times and informed the farmers about the status of crops, held number of session to increase the better yield of pure seed for onward procurement and processing at PSC processing plants.

Punjab Seed Corporation providing Farms advisory services under which the quality and purity of the seed is tested and monitored at various stages by the continuous involvement of Federal Seed Certification Department. The certified seed produced by the grower is purchased by Punjab Seed Corporation at the rate agreed in the agreement for future supply. For production of quality seed, the registered grower is provided an incentive in the form of premium which is based on the inspection results of the Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department.