Seed Production/ Multiplication

Punjab Seed Corporation is engaged in the production of basic seed directly and indirectly through the assistance of registered growers. Production of quality seed requires well planned and designed operations to ensure seed of pure potential. At present, breeder nucleus seed is provided free of cost to Punjab Seed Corporation by research institutes regulated by the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council. The Seed is then multiplied by the Corporation to obtain next progeny called the pre basic seed. The Pre basic seed is again multiplied at Punjab Seed Corporation and registered grower’s farms on a limited scale to obtain basic seed. According to the presently enacted provisions of the Seed Act 1976 only Punjab Seed Corporation is authorized to produce basic seed in the province of Punjab .Therefore, Private Seed Companies must obtain basic seed from Punjab Seed Corporation for further production.

Punjab Seed Corporation has a sound system for quality maintenance of the seed. It has formed a Unique Foundation Seed Cell for development and trial testing of genetically pure and disease resistant seed. Trials like plant to row, progress plots are conducted on the farms for basic nucleus seed, Pre basic seed, basic seed and certified seed to keep intact all the characteristics of different varieties of seed. Moreover a standard system of check and balance on the quality of seed is made by the Government in the form of Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department.

Beside seed maintenance activities at farms, Punjab Seed Corporation is also involved in facilitating breeders for pre-approval varietal testing of various seeds. The varieties sown at Punjab Seed Corporation farms are closely monitored and examined under testing conditions to ensure development of a variety that ensure adaptability and productivity.

Variety development is long process which takes about 10-15 years for development of a new variety but loses its characteristics if it is not maintained properly under well managed seed maintenance system. Variety deterioration in seed makes it necessary to obtain new stock of pure seeds for commercial production at regular intervals. Variety maintenance is as important as variety development for increased productivity of the specific variety. Punjab Seed Corporation recognizes the importance of variety maintenance. It has developed a Foundation Seed Cell to maintain the properties of varieties over the years.

Progressive seed production system practiced by the Punjab Seed Corporation consists of:


Production of BNS / Pre-basic Seed by the Breeder/ Agriculture Research Institute.


Further Purification of BNS / Pre Basic seed by the Foundation Seed Cell of PSC with the assistance of breeders plus FSC&RD.


Multiplication of Pre-basic seed for the production of Basic Seed at PSC farms.


Multiplication of basic seed with the registered growers for the Production of certified seed.


Seed from known sources as approved by Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department.